About me

We are all part of a consumption universe that continuously reinvents itself with new versions, colors, formats, usage, technologies, possibilities and ideas. Is the market prepared to absorb all this new information? Is it possible to make the purchase process easier?

The answer is … YES!

I am a good shopper – but more – I am a passionate spectator who loves to observe other people as they are purchasing so I can understand the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHERE they buy, in order to propose better experiences….

Fernanda Accorsi, founder

A pinch of my story

With over 15 years of experience, I support brands in building their business strategies and lead the following implementation of every step that was developed and aligned. I combine my expertise in different fields - Marketing, Communications, Retail, Merchandising, Shopper Marketing and Sales - in order to create unique customer experiences and to drive sustainable sales.

I am a high-profile and result-driven professional, I have the experience to organize and motivate teams from a wide realm of cultures and profiles – clients, suppliers, executive decision-makers and vendors. I am used to working remotely for large projects and learning quickly. I am interested in collaborating in new, challenging, creative and sustainable projects. Sustainability and customer experience are in the core of my business profile.

I have collaborated on several inspiring projects with globally known corporations such as Kimberly-Clark, Melhoramentos CMPC, Volkswagen, Pepsico, The Navigator Group; also collaborated with Brazilian market leaders such as Santher and Grupo Adria. My multi-channel knowledge has been earned through a background of hands-on experience from working with diverse distribution channels, for Brick and Mortar Stores to eCommerce platforms. Some key account chains that compose my portfolio of negotiation are Walmart, Sam’s Club, Carrefour, Cassino Group, Pingo Doce, Mercadona, Dia%, etc.

I also created, coordinated and implemented customized retail programs to enhance team performances during the purchase process.

I have been contributing to important media outlets as Columnist, Market Analyst and Keynote Speaker to showcase insightful trends. Among these media platforms we find Supermercado Moderno (Brazil), Do It (Portugal), Tissue World (Singapore), LightSpeed (Canada), Orlo (UK).

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