The solution you need must be unique


Distribution Strategy and Digital Transformation

Multi-channel portfolio strategy to engage with shoppers where they are

We are living in an era of retail metamorphosis, intensified by the increasingly constant use of technology. We search offline and purchase online; we search online and purchase offline; we click and collect; we order, try, decide and return; we talk; we engage. That’s why our clients are brands that not only sell but instead, they build relationships.

The ‘offline’ is becoming a showroom of experiences, alongside with the e-Commerce boom – and we understand that one is the extension of the other and they can’t be conceived separately anymore. Each store is a unique business and therefore, it should be studied separately. Even when talking about a specific retail chain, we must accept the purchase motivation can change from one store to the other. That is our role: we trace diagnosis among the different channels and stores to identify opportunities. Then we implement the best Point of Sales (POS) strategies in order to improve the purchase experience and to win the shopper’s decision.

If we, shoppers, have different needs and behaviors, there is no reason to believe that every POS should be the same. It is essential to understand shopper’s experience change according to their location, habits, culture, their moment of life.

Ambiance, portfolio, layout, product display, user experience (UX), customer service are a few examples of variables that have a strong influence during the shopping journey.