2 November, 2015

Sunday Morning Brunch

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On the 18th of October FA RETAIL was invited to participate in a very fun and delicious Sunday Morning Brunch, a program of Cooltura FM.

We discussed about Retail, Fashion, Franchising and Coaching – all mixed and together (what a great omelete to start the day). The combination of themes was very interesting – basically, where we have one of them, we can have them all 🙂 combined for a better business model.

Olivier Guerrero brought his expertise in the Franchising business; Essi Korhonen talked about her challenges launching worldwide famous brands and the rules to work with wholesalers; Raúl Lopez talked about his coaching skills; and FA RETAIL showed the value of understanding the shopper insights and the merchandising solutions that can be offered to enhance the purchase experience.

Check it out the broadcast if you missed it: Sunday Morning Brunch October 18th


Thank you Katrina, James and Team…lo pasamos genial!



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