9 January, 2017

Happy-Holidays Campaigns

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Ahhhh Holidays! We get some days off to relax with our family and friends until we start over again. The companies are now also taking it easier: enjoying their “super sales” and hoping they can wipe out their remaining stock before they fill the stores with the 2017 collection.

 We know that the end of a year is when brands get creative and unify their efforts to boost sales and engage with shoppers before the holidays start – is like the last breath. They take for granted everyone is involved with Santa feelings and bring interesting campaigns and product presentations to encourage us to spend our money through an emotional and/or a fun link– that is what Christmas is about for businesses.


Nutcrackers, colors and some fun

To catch some attention and possibly recover (or reach) the numbers of the year, some companies bet all they have during the holidays. It is their last chance!

M.A.C, one of the worldwide famous make up brands, lunched a super, hipper, fabulous and pink collection for the Holidays Shopping Lovers. The Nutcracker Collection brought even more colors to the stores, and to young shoppers who got a totally new color palette to make them glow during the holiday parties with a special “sweet touch” of fantasy.

Talking about POS exhibition, the displays used to show this new glamorous line couldn’t have been different: fun and daring. The suggestive nutcrackers make the special collection pops up in the stores, and it contrasts with the ‘black and white’ practical and professional visual merchandising adopted by the brand.


No loneliness for Christmas

This campaign was not exactly executed on a POS, but on a POU (Point of Use). We do not purchase our flight tickets at the airports (usually). We purchase then before, online or through and agent/ agency. The airport and the airplane is where we get to know if we are making use of what we paid for: the service and the attention we receive from the company, right?

KLM realized that it could offer a special Christmas Eve to its clients who were alone at an airport exactly at that moment. Their super engaging and ‘warm’ campaign brought those clients much closer to the company after its kind Christmas present: a special dinner was offer to the travelers who were about to spend the evening thinking about being back home with their folks at that moment.

 Other flying companies also prepared nice surprises to their clients in the past and it is a different way of keeping the client closer and making him/her feel special and remembered. In this case, we can not consider it as a merchandising campaign, once the activity was not used to promote the sales, but to show customers the company really cares about them. But I like how brands manage creating these details that make the difference for sure.


Just a packaging, but a cute packaging

The last example is just to confirm packaging is like the ‘cherry on the ice cream’. The product can BE THE SAME, but if the packaging attracts you for any different reason, the brand has been already successful.

This cute Santa Claus tape just makes us buy it because of the packaging…and this is what I am talking about. Holidays make brands and products creative.


Now, it is time to sell the whole stock, once we don’t want anything left for the next Holidays. For the next year, everything renovated…WE WANT NEW PATTERS, COLORS & IDEAS! In Spain, the market gets 11 extra-days to sell their goods before the BIG sales, once they celebrate their Christmas officially on January 6th – they celebrate the “Twelfth Night” or “Three Kings Day”.

If you liked our examples, leave your comments bellow. And if you have any other SUPER cool examples of Holidays Campaigns, – share them with us!


Written by Fernanda Accorsi

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