17 July, 2019

Tissue Summit 2019 | Multisolutions para Multishoppers

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1ºThis year we had the first edition of Tissue Summit SP 2019 and Fernanda Accorsi, founder and CEO of Accorsi Retail, together with the platform Tissue Online conceived the event focused in deliver Marketing and Sales insights to Brazilian professionals working in the sector, from a diverse background. The event invited the attendees to re-think the purpose of their businesses and to properly position their brands in the market.

“Your product can be more than just a commodity – Add value to your product and your brand”. This was the theme of the summit, which was also a great excuse to share best practices and network.

Tissue Summit 2019_Flyer


Multi-solutions for Multi-shoppers – Diversity is Different from Quantity

During this workshop, the main goals were:

  • Identify the different market trends and demands and understand which consumer drivers are determining today
  • Review the key features of each tissue category and know if we are positioning our portfolio correctly and if we are offering what the shopper is looking for
  • Introduce examples from abroad – what are the most interesting and innovative projects outside Brazil, mainly the ones related to “Sustainability”.



Check below the video of the entire workshop (in Portuguese):

If you are able to make it until the end and have any questions or maybe another point of view, this is also your spot to do it. And if you are producing an event and expect to share inspiring retail insights with your audience, contact us. Sharing is our main expertise!


  1. Andre Andre

    Muito bom Fernanda, esta fazendo um ótimo trabalho. Sucesso querida!

    • Fernanda Fernanda

      André, valeu pelo comentario! Fico contente que tenha gostado e espero que tenha sido útil. Aqui estamos para o que precisar 🙂

      • Andre Andre

        Obrigado Fernanda! Um forte abraço

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